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Everyone loves the excitement of playing slots, and playing slots online is a great chance to experience that thrill at home. Unfortunately for slot players, it can be hard finding a good casino to play at. Online casinos all offer different bonuses, games, and many also offer different odds. That’s why we’ve put together this page, to help slot players looking to find a great online casino that offers fair slot games, which are also fun.We compare the variety in slots offered by each casino, the chances of winning, deposit options, withdrawal options, software quality and much more when determining our casino ratings. The best casinos we have rated received a score of 9.1 out of 10, and we only include casinos that we score greater than 8.5 out of 10, so that you can be sure playing slots at any of our recommended casinos will be a great experience.

Some Tips For Playing Slots Online

slot machineOne of the most important tips we can give to an online slots player is to manage your bankroll. It is good practice for anyone who gambles online or in a physical casino to decide a budget for each session you spend playing at the casino. Set a maximum amount you can afford to play with and stick to that figure. If you lose your budget, don’t worry about it or try to win back your losses, this can result in much more money being lost! The same applies to winnings. When you win, why not take a break and do something else? Don’t just put all your winning straight back into the same slots game.

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Another important thing to consider when choosing a slots game is the game itself. You can play many slot games in “play money” mode (which should accurately mimic the real money version) and it’s well worth trying out the slot games you are considering in this mode before committing to the real money games. This just ensures that you enjoy the way a particular slot game works – so you’re not throwing money away playing a game you hate!

gamblerIt’s worth looking at the payout table when you go to play a slot game. They all have different payout tables, and the chances of you winning vary significantly. It’s therefore worth making sure you understand what the slot game you are playing pays out for, to avoid unnecessary confusion. Most online casino slot games pay out between 90 and 99%, which is a better payout than many machines in physical casinos, which is a great reason to play slots online instead.

Our final tip to slot players is to make sure that if you are playing a progressive slot game, to ensure that you are playing it correctly. Unless you play with the maximum bet, you cannot win the top prize. So remember that if you play progressive slot machines, and want to be in with a chance to win a life changing amount of money, that you need to place the maximum bet each spin. If this proves a bit too expensive for you, then try finding a slot game which has lower coin denominations. You can still win big money, and you’ll get more game play in too.

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What’s Better, Five Reel Or Three Reel Slots?

If you are a beginner, or have a small budget to play with, stick to the three reel slots. You get through money much slower playing three reel slots than five reel slots. If you have a bigger budget to play with, then five reel slots tend to offer better chances of big prizes – making it our recommendation if you want a chance of hitting big.

Common Online Slot Myths

There are plenty of myths out there concerning slots, especially online. Below we cover some of the most common myths, and explain why they are not in fact true.

You can tell when a slot machine is about to pay out

moneyThis is a pretty common one – lots of people assume that you can see when a slot is about to pay out, because it starts behaving differently. Whilst true with some of the older machines that follow memorable patterns, it’s impossible to tell on a modern machine, online or real. The software powering online slots works on a random basis, so the jackpot could be spun in at any time, even twice in a row (although this is very unlikely).

You can warm up slots before you start betting more money

This is less common, but some people start off playing with less money to try and warm the game up. This is again completely untrue – slots are completely random, and you’re just as likely to win on one spin as you are the next. There are no patterns.

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Some slots are loose, whilst others are very tight

Again, this is untrue. Each slot machine will have its own pre-defined payout odds. Over the lifetime of the machine, it will on average payout this percentage. The percentage can be set from anywhere to 90 to 99%. Slot games have no records of prizes paid, meaning big prizes can be hit many times in a row, and then not hit at all for a long time. It’s all down to chance!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our online slots guide. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Playing slots online can be great fun, and if you’re lucky win you life changing money, but remember to always gamble responsibly, and never play with more money than you can afford to lose.