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rouletteLooking for a great online casino to play roulette? Look no further! We review and rate only the best online casinos available to roulette players, so that you can find the casino best suited to you. We compare bonuses, security, game variety, deposit/withdrawal options, the chances of winning and much more.We keep our top list regularly updated, so that you can find the best online casinos for roulette available at any time. Whether you are new to playing roulette online, or an experienced player dis-satisfied with the online casino you are currently playing at, we have something perfectly suited for you.

Why Play Roulette At An Online Casino?

There’s lots of great reasons to play roulette online. For one thing – you don’t need to spend valuable time and money making your way to the casino. You can play on your laptop, desktop, and in many cases even on tablets and mobile phones. Another great benefit of playing online rather than in a physical casino is that the casino has fewer costs, which means they can provide better bonuses to players. (When was the last time a real casino offered you hundreds of dollars free to play?)

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games that exists. It’s easy to play, and there’s no greater rush than watching the ball slowly come to a stop to see if you’ve won. If you pick an individual number, you have the chance of multiplying your bet more than 30 times, a return that’s hard to get on some other casino games.

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Which Type Of Roulette Should Be Played To Maximise The Chances Of Winning?

trophyThere are two common types of roulette, namely American and European roulette. The main difference between the two is that American roulette has two zeros, where as European roulette only has one zero. For the most chance of winning, you want to look out for European roulette. The extra zero on an American roulette wheel unfortunately increases your chance of losing, which obviously isn’t good!

Good Roulette Strategies Used Online

A good strategy is important for maximising your chances of winning. There are a number of techniques you can use to increase your chances.

  • The most important roulette strategy we’ve already mentioned. Only play European roulette! You’ll win more often.
  • Ensure that you only play at reputable online casinos. Playing at one of the casinos we recommend on this page is one way to do this, as we have vetted the casinos for you.
  • Remember that roulette spins are independent. Just because the last spin was even, does not mean that the next spin is more likely to be black.
  • Make the most of welcome bonuses. Try to play lots of spins by betting on things close to even, to unlock bonuses.
  • Pick a few numbers to bet on in one range, then bet on the opposite colour/range. For example, you could bet on 3-4 individual numbers from 1-18, then bet an equal number of chips on high. This means that you can get a big win if your number comes in, but also get your money back when a high number comes in. Another alternative is to bet on 3-4 black numbers, then an equal amount on red.
  • Cash out when you’re winning! This one’s pretty obvious, if you’re ahead – then stop playing.
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What Can You Bet On When Playing Roulette?

rouletteIn roulette you can bet on almost anything. You can bet on the numbers higher or lower than 18. You can bet on red or black; groups of several numbers; odd or even; individual numbers and much more. If you want to make a bet, then chances are there’s a way of doing it on a roulette table, with very few exceptions.

Roulette Rules

There are very few rules when playing roulette online. The most important to remember is that there’s a table maximum. A table maximum is a maximum bet you can make on any particular spin. For example you may only be able to bet $100 on a single number, or $2000 on red/black. The reason this is done is to stop people from using exploitative strategies which take advantage of always being able to increase your bet.

rouletteAlways remember that there is no strategy which can guarantee that you will win when playing roulette. So don’t get caught out by people selling books or strategies on the internet which promise to make you win. We recommend that you play roulette for a bit of fun, withdraw if you’re winning and minimise your losses if you lose! If you think at any stage that your gambling is getting out of control, then we recommend you read this website for help.