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Is Baccarat (Punto Banco) your casino game of choice? You’ve come to the right place, because we’ve compared the best online casino’s to play Baccarat at, so you don’t have to. We’ve reviewed all the online casinos that offer you the best deposit options, withdrawal options, bonuses, security and chances of winning when playing Baccarat. When you play at any of our recommended casinos, you can therefore be safe in the knowledge you’ll get a good, fair game; unlock great bonuses and be able to withdraw your winnings easily.You can play Baccarat online either for real money or play money. Play money baccarat is great for people new to the game looking to get a bit of experience in, but in our view nothing quite compares to the thrill of playing for real money. All the casinos we recommend allow you to play both for play chips or real money.

What Are The Rules When Playing Baccarat?

baccaratBaccarat is a pretty simple game to understand. There are two primary bets that you can make: banker (banco), or player (punto) plus the rarer standoff bet (it is not worth betting on a standoff, because the casino has a much bigger advantage over the player when you make this bet). When you play Baccarat online, the cards are dealt automatically by a virtual dealer. Two hands are dealt and you bet on which one will win, or that they will tie, before the cards are revealed. The only difference between betting on banco and punto is that if you win betting on banco, you are charged a 5% commission by the casino. The reason bets on banco are taxed is that it has been established that banco wins slightly more often than punto.

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If either of the two hands dealt add up to a total of 8 or 9, then the game is called “Natural” and no more cards are dealt. If neither the punto or banco’s hands add up to 8/9, then sometimes a third card is dealt to one or both of the players, depending on the “third-card-rule” for each player.

Punto’s Third-Card-Rule

  • If the punto’s cards add up to 5 or less, then the player gets an additional card dealt.
  • If the punto does not have to draw a third card, then the banco’s hand stands on any total 6 or greater and takes a third card if there’s a total of 5 or less. If the player takes a third card then the Bank has its own third-card-rule that must be followed.

Banco’s Third-Card-Rule

  • If the bank’s total is 2 or less, then the banco draws another card, regardless of what the punto’s third card was.
  • If the banco’s total is 3 then the banco draws another card unless the punto’s card was an 8.
  • If the banco’s total is 4 then the banco draws an additional card unless the players third card was either a 9, 8, 1 or 0.
  • If the banco’s total is 5 then the banco draws a third card if the players third card was a 7, 6, 5 or 4.
  • If the banco’s total is 6 then the banco draws another card if the players third card was 7 or 6.
  • If the banco’s total is 7, then the banco must stand on its current total.

moneyThe player who has the biggest total is the winner. A player’s total is calculated by adding up their cards. Cards less than 10 are counted at their face value, and aces are worth 1. All picture cards count as zero. Suits are irrelevant. In the event that a player’s count reaches a number greater than 10, then the left digit is dropped. So a score of 15 is counted as 5, and a score of 26 as 6.

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If your bet was correct, you get your bet doubled and returned to you. If your bet was incorrect, then you lose it. If you bet on the standoff and that is correct, you usually receive an 8:1 payout on your bet, but we do not recommend this, as the casino has a big advantage on stand-off bets (typically about 15%).

Advantages Of Playing Baccarat At Online Casinos

casinoThere are a number of advantages to playing Baccarat online, rather than in a physical casino. The biggest advantages are that you don’t need to travel to a casino (not everyone has a local casino that allows you to play Baccarat) and secondly that physical casinos cannot offer the bonuses that online casinos do. Most online casinos now offer a variety of different bonuses, for example when you make a deposit, many casinos will match your deposit. Bonuses increase your chances of winning. The reason why online casinos can afford to offer good bonuses is that they do not have all the overheads real casinos have, for example: dealers, rent on property, tables, cards, etc.

We hope that you have found our guide on where to play baccarat online useful. Remember to always gamble responsibly, and never play with more money than you can afford to lose. If you’re winning, cash-out!